Monarchs taking a rest.
Taking a rest.

I lived for many years just down the road, near Richland Springs, TX, but I never saw Monarchs migrating through the area.   In late October of this year, my husband, Perry and I went down a path on our property and we noticed a lot of bugs flying all around us.  It was clearly not normal.  We realized that it was migrating Monarchs.  Hundreds of them.   I knew from the news that it was the right time of year.  Our approach made some fly, otherwise, we would have missed them.  They looked like just like leaves.  They were very peaceful and it was very special to see so many Monarchs in one spot.   Next year in late October, I will be watching to see if they come back.  I hope so.

We also made a video that gives you a better idea of what we saw.   I wish the video was better.